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What makes Holista Pasta better than Traditional Pasta?

By:  Noelle DeSantis, MS, RDN

On: June 15, 2019

Delicious diabetic friendly pasta everyone will love, made with all natural ingredients this added phytonutrient plant power.   Whether you are managing diabetes, weight, or looking for sustained energy, what you eat matters! Holista Pasta has a certified low Glycemic Index of 38. Healthy dietary patterns with low glycemic foods helps control blood sugar, which is great for pre-diabetes, and diabetes management. It also keeps energy levels stable, which is great for anyone, especially athletes.


Soooo.... What does make Holista Pasta better than Traditional Pasta?     

Holista Pasta

The Benefits

Good Source of Fiber and Protein

3 grams fiber
(12% DV) and 8 grams protein (16% DV) per serving. 

Fiber has many benefits. It helps regulate blood sugar, reduce cholesterol, reduces risk of heart disease, promotes bowel health, and provides fuel for gut microbiome, which supports immune health, mood and brain health! 

Protein also helps control blood sugar, builds and repairs muscles and is essential for many other enzymes, hormones and body chemicals. 

Low Glycemic Index (GI)

Independently clinically tested and a certified low GI of 38. 

Low glycemic index foods keep blood sugar stable because they have a small impact on blood glucose levels. Diabetes management requires regulating blood sugar. Low GI foods prevent spikes and dips, keeping energy levels stable. 

Plant Powered Superfoods 

4 plant powered superfoods, that slow carbohydrate digestion and help manage diabetes. 

Barley, Lentil, Fenugreek, and Okra all contribute beneficial phytonutrients to our spaghetti. They are associated with blood sugar control by slowing glucose absorption, and fenugreek has been shown to not only decrease the rise in blood glucose but also decrease insulin resistance. 

Delicious Taste and Texture 

Holista Pasta tastes like traditional white spaghetti. It is widely accepted and loved by people of all ages. 

Delicious taste and texture the whole family will love. Our Spaghetti has been taste tested and sampled globally. The consensus is that the spaghetti is just as tasty as traditional, if not better! This is perfect for picky eaters, and those that do not care for the taste and texture of whole-wheat spaghetti. Added Bonus, it cooks in 3 minutes. Perfect for a quick meal. 


We only use all natural, non-GMO ingredients to give you healthy low GI pasta.

We also use whole-food functional ingredients for blood sugar control

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