Chan Heng Fai

Financial Architect, Restructuring Expert

An accomplished global business veteran of more than 40 years Mr. Chan Heng Fai specializes in financial restructuring and corporate transformation to unlock value and unleash entrepreneurial zeal while managing risk. He has successfully restructured more than 35 corporations in different industries and countries. Some of the remarkable companies that he has built, rescued or transformed include American Pacific Bank (USA), China Gas Holdings Limited and Heng Fai Enterprises Limited both (listed on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong), Global Med Technologies, Inc. (U.S. medical software company exited for US$60 million), Singhaiyi Group Ltd (listed on the Singapore Exchange). More details of his achievements and track record can be found at



Unbelievable Performance

Years of Experience

> 45 years

With consistent performance


Companies restructured

over 7 different industries

Average Investment Multiple per year consistently over 45 years


Multiple per year

45 year of


Average yearly investment returns

Believable Performance

Years of Experience

> 45 years

With consistent performance

Average Investment Multiple per year consistently over 45 years


Multiple per year

45 year of


Average yearly investment returns


Companies restructured

over 7 different industries

For the Believable Performance diagram (directly above), the Average Investment Multiple per year and Average Yearly Investment Returns does not include InterAsia Travel Ltd’s performance.



  • Global Travel Company​

  • Market: Worldwide​

  • From £100 in 1969 to 14 branches with 300+ staffs worldwide in 1972, and sold for US$1 million​

  • Return multiple: 4,133.1 times​

  • Yearly investment returns: 1605%

InterAsia Travel Limited was a global travel company founded with £ 100 capital by Mr. Chan in 1969 while he was still a college student in the United Kingdom. It grew from its base in London to have 13 other offices worldwide across Europe, North America and Asia. Providing an affordable alternative for Hong Kong and Malaysian students to travel home during summer vacation, the Company grew into an international long-distance charter service. It operated regular flight schedules, provided chartered, free and easy tours, and handled wholesale hotel sales operations. It was one of the most successful low-cost travel operators in the early 1970s with over three hundred staff. The agency was eventually sold to Singapore Banking Company in 1972.



  • Commercial Banking​

  • Market: US​

  • From US$ 0.25 in 1987 to
    US$16.0 in 1997​

  • Return multiple: 64 times​

  • Yearly investment returns: 151.57%

Mr. Chan acquired the full-service U.S. commercial bank out of bankruptcy for US$0.25 per share in 1987. He recapitalized and grew the bank's operations. Under his leadership, American Pacific Bank became a U.S. NASDAQ high asset quality bank, with zero loan losses for over 5 consecutive years before it was ultimately sold for US$12 per share. Prior to its sale, American Pacific Bank achieved a ranking of #21 for performance among all U.S. listed banks in 1997 and was ranked #13 by the Seattle Times "Annual Northwest's Top 100 Public Companies" for 2003, ahead of names such as Nike, Microsoft, Costco, AT&T Wireless and

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  • Gas distribution​

  • Market: China​

  • Share price from HK$0.50 (US

  • $0.06) per share in 1997 to 

  • HK$4.0 in 2010

  • x Return multiple: 8 times

  • x Yearly investment returns: 117.0%

Mr. Chan acquired a failing Japanese fashion company listed in Hong Kong at HK$0.50 (US$0.06) per share in 1997. He restructured the company to focus on clean energy. It has now become one of China’s biggest gas distributors. China Gas is currently trading at approximately HK$13.9 (US$1.79) and its market cap is worth HK$69.7 billion (US$9 billion).

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  • Information Management
    software for healthcare.

  • Market: US

  • Performance: Financed the start
    up with US$4 million and was
    sold in 2010 for US$60M

  • Return multiple: 15 times

  • Yearly investment returns: 125.3%

Mr. Chan financed the U.S. start-up which has designed and developed information management software products for blood banks, hospitals and centralized transfusion centers since 1998. Under his guidance, the

company's sales grew from zero to become an overall leader in the U.S. with a 28% market share. In 2010, it was bought over by Haemonetics Corp, a major U.S.-listed healthcare company and the global leader in blood management solutions for US$60 million.

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  • Construction and Restructuring

  • Market: Asia Pacific

  • Market cap grew from S$4 million
    to over S$ 500 million within
    three years

  • Return multiple: 125 times

  • Yearly investment returns: 500%

Mr. Chan took over Singapore-listed SingXpress Land Limited as Chairman and Managing Director in 2008, at the height of the global financial crisis. SingXpress Land was restructured from an unsuccessful travel company to focus on property development. Under his management, the company grew from a market cap of S$4 million

(US$3.2 million) to over S$500 million (US$400 million) within three years before a change in controlling ownership and corporate identity to SingHaiyi Group Ltd in 2013.

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  • Airline Industry

  • Market: Perth

  • One of the “most hostile takeover ever”, and accept an off-market offer from Advent Air Limited

In 2004, Mr. Chan successfully orchestrated and financed a local minority shareholder in Perth with a 25% ownership to conduct a hostile takeover of Skywest Airlines. It was described by some as the "most hostile takeover ever" due to the number of times disputes had

to go to arbitration between the conflicting parties. The disposal of Skywest's stake was completed in August 2006 after accepting an off- market offer from Advent Air Limited for all the fully-paid ordinary shares in Skywest.

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  • Restructuring and investment
    holding activities

  • Traded on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong [Stock code: 0185]

  • Market cap grown from HK$ 30
    million in 1992 to HK$1.6 billion
    in March 2014.

  • Return multiple: 53 times

  • Yearly investment returns: 119.8%

Mr. Chan took over Heng Fai Enterprises Limited, a construction company listed in Hong Kong, as Managing Chairman in 1995. Under Mr. Chan's directorship, the company was transformed to focus on restructuring and investment holding activities. The company's market cap grew from HK$30 million (US$3.8 million) in 1992 to over HK $1.6 billion (US$205 million) in March 2014. It changed controlling ownership in year 2015.

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  • Real Estate Investment Trust​

  • Market: US OTCBB​

  • Pays higher-than-average 8%
    target annualized yield quarterly

The U.S. OTCBB-listed American Housing REIT Inc. (“AHR”) owns a portfolio of single-family rentals situated primarily in Texas, Florida and Georgia, seeking to pay a higher-than-average 8% target annualized yield quarterly. AHR attained the backing of large institutions such as banks and Black Stone Group. AHR is also looking to migrate to the NASDAQ main market by 2017.



  • Medical Real Estate Investment

  • Market: NYSE

  • Seeded US$30 million and has
    bought 16 hospitals since, uplifted listing status to NYSE from OTC and raised US$ 160 Million with 300 million oversubscribed

Mr. Chan initiated and seeded US$30 Million worth of capital into Global Medical REIT Inc. which was originally listed on the U.S. OTCBB. GMRE has since built a medical real estate portfolio of specialized, high acuity medical facilities and bought 16 hospitals. It paid an annualized yield of 8% and has been consistently distributing monthly dividends since July 2014. GMRE uplifted its listing on the New York Stock Exchange in June 2016 and successfully raised US$160 Million in

additional capital to purchase more medical facilities.

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Hengfai International (“HFI”)


  • Warren Buffet investment philosophy

  • Market: Global

Berkshire Hathaway, the listed company of Warren Buffet since the 1960s, has seen its share value increase consistently from US$8 to more than US$240,000 (IRR +20%). HFI’s goal is to engage on a similar business philosophy which made Berkshire Hathaway one of the

greatest success stories in the world of investment. It involves investment in well managed, under-valued companies which have recurring income generating capabilities, capital appreciation and growth potential. HFI has bolstered this business philosophy with a third “bucket” of investment by providing capital services for markets in China and Asia. The 3 buckets are:

1) Investment in Operating Businesses

2) Strategic Investment

3) Providing Capital Services




  • Fund Management

  • Trading member of Singapore
    Exchange and a RFMC regulated
    by MAS

  • Designated Market Maker for Equities on the Singapore Exchange

HFAM is a trading member of the Singapore Exchange and a registered fund management company (RFMC) regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). It is also a designated market maker for equities on the Singapore Stock Exchange. HFAM’s investment

philosophy centers on capital preservation and liquidity, focused on producing consistent returns through market volatility while providing an assurance on principal and maintaining a good level of regular liquidity to our investors. HFAM will consist of 4 funds:

1. Global Systematic Multi-Strategy (GSMS) Fund

2. Global Opportunity Fund (GOF)

3. Global Property Development Fund (GPDF)

4. Global Property Dividend Fund

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  • Trading member of Hong Kong Stock Exchange

  • Market: Hong Kong

  • Performance: servicing over 800
    listed enterprises and assisting
    over 80 companies in their listing
    in Hong Kong Stock Exchange

  • Sponsored over 300 companies in Shanghai Stock Exchange

BMI Securities Limited operates as a subsidiary of BM Intelligence Group and is a trading member of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKSE), providing research and investing information services. The Company offers online trading and financial advisory services. BM Intelligence Group, founded in 1995, specialises to provide “ONESTOP” tailor-made corporate consultancy services to listed companies including corporate finance, professional valuation, corporate services, corporate communications & event management, professional translation, share registration, internal control and risk management. The group is servicing over 800 listed enterprises and assisting over 80 companies in their listings.

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  • Asset Management Company

  • Market: Hong Kong

  • Managing over US$ 300 million in

  • Voted the best hedge fund of Asia in 2015 of its class

True Partner Advisor Limited (“TPA”) is a Cayman-based investment advisory company. True Partner Capital Advisor is the sub-advisor company of TPA, with a Hong Kong SFC license for Asset Management. TPA advises True Partner Fund (“TPF”), a Cayman global volatility arbitrage fund launched in mid-2011. True Partner Fund is allowed to deal with professional investors only. True Partner Capital team

members combine excellent academic credentials and theoretical knowledge with extensive practical experience in options trading and trading software. It is managing up to US$300 Million in funds.

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  • Bank Holding Company

  • Market: US

  • Shareholder of two U.S.A
    Commercial bank

American Pacific Bancorp Inc. (“APB”) is a bank holding company based in Texas. APB specializes in the acquisition of underperforming banks and provide expertise on the following areas: extensive corporate restructuring, management reorganization and balance sheet recapitalization to return to profitability. Currently, the group owns a major holding in a bank in Florida and is in an application process to own controlling shareholding in a bank in Illinois, USA.




  • Investment Holding Company for
    the Biomedical Industry

  • A division of Singapore Exchange- listed Singapore e-Development Ltd

  • Provide funding and restructuring
    services to biomedical enterprises

SeD Biomedical Inc. is an investment holding company that focuses in providing funding and restructuring expertise for companies in the biomedical sector. Currently, SeD Biomedical International is involved in the following 4 divisions:

1) Neurology

2) Oncology

3) Mosquito deterrence

4) International Infectious Control

SeD Biomedical is working closely with outstanding scientists, one of which is a two-time Nobel Prize nominee for his work in cutting-edge organic and carbohydrate chemistry.




  • Research and Development

  • Market: Global

  • 4 main aspects: Reduce saturated fats on French fries, zero calorie sweetener to substitute sugar, low G.I. bread mix, and healthier salt without compromising on taste

LiteFood’s initial research and discovery began at Functional Food Center in Oxford Brookes University (United Kingdom). It jointly held Research and Development at Switzerland with think-tanks of the European bread industry. The company’s presence in the US provides access to the headquarters of many leading fast food chains. LiteFood’s innovation and development centers offer collaboration among researchers located in Australia, America and Switzerland. It targets to be the market leader in America, Hong Kong, China, India, Southeast Asia, and Europe. The 4 main products of Lite Foods are:

1) NeusoliteTM - Reduces saturated fats on French fries

2) ZEROVIATM - A zero calorie sweetener to substitute sugar

3) GiLITETM - Low G.I. Bread Mix

4) LITESALTTM - Healthier salt without compromising on taste

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  • Lifestyle Solutions Provider

  • To minimize and manage inflammation

  • Flagship product: Emulin+

  • Distribution by network marketing

iGalen is the world's first network marketing organisation to offer a complete and natural carbohydrate management system to reduce inflammation. iGalen’s vision is “To live in a world of minimized and managed inflammation, leading to improved health and prolonged life.” Its mission is to educate people on the dangers of inflammation and provide the natural scientifically tested solutions and lifestyle options.

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  • Research-driven Biotechnology Company

  • Market: Australia

  • Researches, develops, growing needs of natural medicines

Holista Colltech Limited (ASX: HCT) is a public company listed on the Australia Stock Exchange (ASX). It is a research-driven biotechnology company which researches, develops, growing needs of natural medicines. The company is the only company producing sheep (ovine) collagen using its patented extraction methods and is on track in nano-nising and encapsulating the liposomes of the ovine collagen. Mr. Chan is the second major shareholder and a Non Executive Director.

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  • Healthy Food Supplier for food chains and retail stores

  • Have clients including several global food chain organization

  • Low glycemic white bread such as sandwich, pizza, baked-goods, etc.

Holista Foods is a joint venture between Lite Food and Nadja Foods. Nadja Piatka, CEO of the company, is a former guest on the Oprah Winfrey show and also a baked goods supplier to major food chains. The company will target to market with the US government to provide healthy meals for students and hospitals. The management possess vast experience in

marketing to large food chain globally. Holista foods provide exclusively natural raw materials (100% natural) to bread manufacturers the following products:

- Bread – convert white bread as healthy as whole wheat bread

- Noodle – Convert into healthy noodles with low G.I.

- Pizza – Convert Pizza dough into healthy dough with low G.I.

- Baked Products – Convert all bakery products healthy

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HOTAPP INTERNATIONAL INC. (Development Platform)


  • Development Platform

  • Platform as a Service (“PaaS”)

  • For Business Solutions

  • To allow users to communicate and store data in a safe and secure manner

HotApp International Inc. is a dynamic information technology company. It consists of a freemium app platform available on Android & iOS connecting users, communities, and enterprises. Unifying voice calling,

instant messaging, social communities and e-commerce, their core modules include HotCalls, HotChats, HotRooms & HotNearby. HotApp aims to enable and empower communities to communicate in a safe and secure manner. HotApp provides to users the following open platforms:


1) Business                     8) Estate Agency          

2) MLM                            9) Security      

3) Network Leader         10) Small Cap     

4) Home                         11) Business Mobile Intelligence

5) Community                12) Bank Mobile Intelligence

6) Hospitality                  13) Med-Info

7) Travel

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  • USA property development company

  • Market: US, Singapore, Australia

  • Current Investment in USA:
    US$ 50 million

  • Core strategies in place for building homes with excellent value with active risk mitigation measures

SeD Home International Inc. is a USA-based property development company with investments of over US$50 Million to date. The company’s core strategies are:

1) To pre-sell all lots in the land development project to the top 20 U.S. homebuilders before the purchase of the land

2) To engage in home-building only if the land development project comes with infrastructure cost reimbursement from the government

3) Buying from banks’ foreclosure property development projects at deep discount

4) To engage in project syndication with global partnerships with development management fee

5) To build eco-friendly, energy-efficient, smart and well-designed homes with excellent value

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