Executive Team

Mark Gates
Senior Vice President, Sales

Mark has expertise in developing and executing effective food business development strategies, driving start-up sales teams, and securing contracts to accelerate sales and revenue growth.

Mark has over 15 years of senior level sales and marketing experience in numerous food production companies.  During his time at Biscotti Brothers, Clear Lake Specialty and Olesen’s Family Bakery, Mark had a significant impact on sales, branding, strategic initiatives and overall company growth. Additionally, Mark’s success in orchestrating results-focused sales training and coaching programs resulted in a significant impact on businesses performance.

His company, Mark-Allan Corp is a service company that assists in facilitating food businesses in reaching their full potential in product development, consistency of product, brand management, and efficient distribution of ingredients and finished products.  

Mark is an accomplished family man who enjoys cooking, playing squash, enhancing his children's lives with his sense of humor, and travelling with his beautiful wife.

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