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A simply delicious healthy pasta with a certified Glycemic Index of 38.  Proven to stabilize your blood glucose levels, provide sustained energy and help with weight control.


Get healthy with healthy slow GOOD carbs!  Low GI diets reduce your risk of developing type 2 diabetes. It will also lower insulin levels, which makes fat easier to burn and less likely to be stored.

AVAILABLE IN : 2.6 LB Box + 20 LB Bulk Box

Has the same great taste and texture as white flour pasta and noodles with whole grain benefits!


So versatile can be used in both noodle and spaghetti recipes with perfect results every time.


Operationally easy!

Cooks in just 3 Minutes!   

  • Provides sustained energy and helps you feel fuller longer

  • 8 grams of protein, 3 grams of fiber and 0 grams sugar per serving!

  • Helps control blood sugar, weight and carbs

  • Has a Certified Low Glycemic Index of 38

  • All natural, clean ingredients and Non-GMO

  • Follows Dietary guidelines of American Heart Association, American Diabetes Association and Diabetes Canada

Delicious in all types of cuisine - click to see our delicious recipe page!

We adhere to the highest standards for clinical nutrition research and have our products tested at the renowned GI Labs in Toronto. The GI Labs Glycemic Index determination protocol fully complies with ISO 26642:2010, determination of the glycemic index and recommendation for food classification.  We spare no expense on testing accuracy and we want to share our test results with you so you know how the Glycemic Index of 38 is determined.

Low GI Lab Tested
Low GI Lab Test Results

In June, Holista Foods and GI Labs were invited to present their nutritional research studies on the "Effect of Partial Substitution of Wheat Flour with a Flour Blend of Okra, Lentils, Barley and Fiber, on the Glycemic Index of Commonly Consumed Starchy Foods".  

Holista Low GI Summary

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