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Finding Joy In These Trying Times 

By:  Nadja Piatka, CEO

On: April 16, 2020

Social Distancing Dance Party - Buffalo, NY

It all started with an idea on how to bring joy to our neighborhood to help everyone get through the isolation of the COVID-19 pandemic.

My husband Doug owns Sound Video Solutions, an audio-visual company and I am the CEO of Holista Foods which provides healthy low glycemic pasta to grocery stores and online. In March our lives and daily routines changed dramatically throughout the world.

All special events and group meetings were cancelled. My husband’s AV rental bookings were cancelled, and he was forced to lay off all his employees. As he walked around his deserted business and empty offices, he wondered how he could put his audio-visual equipment to good use. He had huge speakers sitting idle that were used for large events. He decided to bring them home, place them on our front porch and play a few songs every day for the neighbors who were sequestered in their homes. It would give everyone in the neighborhood a chance to check in on one another by coming out to wave and dance to a few songs from a safe distance. It started with one song “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen. The music seemed to bring real joy to folks, many who were alone.

To our amazement the event went viral.

ABC World News, Good Morning America, The Today Show, United Kingdom’s Daily Mail and numerous print, radio and TV media featured it as a way to lift spirits while social distancing.

The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah talked about it and found joy in seeing people dance out of beat.

There were over 3.5 million views on Bar Stool Sports Instagram post. highlighted the street dance as something to make you smile.

We are discovering through social media and the news the many ways that people are finding joy during the pandemic which speaks to the strength of the human spirit during the worst of times.

People are staying upbeat by finding the beauty in nature that they previously had overlooked and the kindness of others. From walks in the park, to neighbors offering to buy your groceries, to spontaneous music performances, we are seeing the world through a different lens and we are changing our view of what’s truly important.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, staying healthy has never been more important. More people are now cooking at home and have discovered the joy of cooking. As well as building family bonds, the focus on cooking helps to relieve stress. My favorite saying is “You can’t cook and worry at the same time”.  Food is the biggest medicine you will ever take. Choosing the best recipes and ingredients will help your immunity, your energy levels and frame of mind.

I find great joy and am grateful for the opportunity to continue to provide healthy great tasting food to help change people’s lives.  Holista low GI pasta with slow digested carbs is available to our customers on and and grocery retail stores. Our low glycemic spaghetti and linguine made with superfood phytonutrients gives these two 70-year-olds the energy to keep dancing every day on the porch! We’ll keep the music playing for our neighbors until we finally beat the Coronavirus, and we will!

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